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Find out how to your kid get to an A+

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Math and English

Structured And Proven Tutoring Program For Grade KG - 12

Looking for education solutions? Join 13,000 students in your city using  A+ Students

How A+ Students works

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1. Register

Our sign up process is quick, simple, and free. Just provide us with some basic information and let A+ Students take care of the rest.

A+ Students custom made software for learning Math and English

2. Learn

Your child will continue to learn through our comprehensive learning platform and work with their tutor to find a customized approach.

Tutors teaching students online

3. Connect

Our tutor team is here to assist your child whenever they have questions. One click and you will have access to a live teacher to help you with everything from homework to test preparation to filling any missing gaps or getting ahead of the class.

Study at your own pace

Whether your goal is to catch up or get ahead, you can study at your own pace, in your free time and instantly connect with your tutor.

Customized learning

Daily lessons, tutorials, homework and tests based on material directly linked to the child's classroom.

Online classes

1-on-1 tutoring from highly qualified teachers. Over 40 years of experience in personalized learning for Grades KG - 12.


Get homework help, test prep and access to hundreds of textbooks, workbooks and printable material to practice Math and English.

Try us for free

Get one hour of live 1 on 1 tutoring on us. Seriously.

Learn more about your child's specific needs and learning style

Every child has a different style of learning. Some are auditory, some are tactile, some are visual. Some learn at a fast pace, others learn through a more gradual pace. Some learn from writing, some learn from reading. Unfortunately in class, there are too many kids and only one style can be utilized to teach. Find out what your child’s learning style is to instantly make them learn, absorb and retain information faster and for longer.

Want to identify your child's current capabilities? Try our FREE assessment

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