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Online Class


With over 15 years and 10 thousand students, we have perfected the concept of online learning. Utilizing an advanced system that is linked to your child’s curriculum, we use an accelerated learning platform to help the children learn any concept in a fraction of the time. A+ Students is one of the only platforms in the educational industry that combines all three styles of learning. 

Online Software:

Linked to the curriculum, your child gets access to a daily program to help them catch up or get ahead of the class. Daily lessons, tutorials, assignments and tests are administered to help them excel in their school.

Textbooks and Workbooks:

We understand that some students like learning through a tactile method, so we provide hundreds of workbooks, school books, and printable material to practice the concepts by hand.

1-on-1 Teachers:

Since every child learns differently, it is difficult for some students to learn independently. For this reason, we have live 1-on-1 teachers just a click away to help the kids with any concepts they are having difficulties understanding. 

At A+ Students, we provide all three styles of learning to help the kids get to the top. Whatever their learning style is, we will alter our style to match your child’s needs. 


Through rigorous research, over a decade of experience and thousands of students, we have created a system that is GUARANTEED to help your kids excel. Contact us now for a FREE Assessment and learn your child’s learning style and what method they use to learn and retain information the most effectively.

Have any questions? Email us now!

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