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Homework is essential to practice the concepts learnt in class, strengthen the understanding of those concepts and retain the information for a longer period. It creates the right habits, ensures that the students become accustomed to doing extra work at home and stay prepared for their classes. Unfortunately, homework is slowly fading away from the public education system. Homework in KG, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 is almost non-existent. From Grade 4-8, the children barely get any homework and do not have any textbooks to practice the concepts or prepare for their tests. Once they enter high school, they are given a significant amount of homework; however, the kids have already developed their routines and schedules, which makes it difficult for them to adapt to the new routine. Moreover, when they enter post-secondary institutions, they are given countless hours of assignments and activities, which becomes near impossible for the students to get accustomed to. Do you feel that the kids get enough homework at school? Do you feel that homework is important for the child’s educational development?

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Grace Chimaobi
Grace Chimaobi
Aug 16, 2022


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