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Does One size Fit All?

After teaching for 10 years across Canada and working with over 8,000 kids; one size does not fit all! Every child is unique and has their own skillset; however, the education system forces them to fit into one box and utilizes one learning style to teach them. Some kids are visual learners, some are auditory, some are kinesthetic and like to use their hands, some learn at a slower pace, some learn faster, and the list goes on. How can we put all these kids into one room and use one speed, one concept and one learning style and expect great results? Every child has a unique background, different upbringing and so many factors that affect their learning. Even if the teachers could cater to each child, it is just not possible in a school setting. If a student is really strong in English but failing Math, does that mean he or she is intelligent in one class but unintelligent down the hallway in the other class? Or maybe they are right-brained learners, so the left side that focuses on logic and reasoning and linked to Math needs to be tapped the right way to allow that student to learn Math effectively. If you have two children or more at home, you know that each child is so different than the other, so how can we treat them the same way, teach them the same way, talk to them the same way and expect conformed results? A prime example of this is when the schools pivoted to online learning due to the pandemic. Some students thrived and loved the concept of learning through technology while others just could not figure it out and slipped so far behind. Do you feel that one size fits all? If not, what can be done with the school system to ensure that each child’s strengths and learning style is tapped, so they can learn in the most effective and efficient manner?

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