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Google the “Top 10 Best Public High Schools” in Ontario and see what cities they are located in and what is the average house price in that area. Then, Google “The Top 10 Worst Public Schools” in Ontario and see where they are located.

The Ministry of Education releases the curriculum and all schools have to use the same material, the same books, they have the same classes, teachers have the same qualifications, they give the same amount of homework and teach the same concepts in class. So, with everything similar, how come the affluent areas have the best rated schools and the poor areas have the worst performing schools? The disparity between the two is profound and it is sad to see that your children will get a better quality of education if you are in the higher tax bracket.

Even if you drive your kid to the higher ranked school outside your area, the school will ask you to go back to your zone. Even if you tell them that you will drive your kid to and from school and oblige to all their requirements, they will still tell you that due to zoning regulations, your child cannot come to this school.

As sad and despondent as this sounds, your child’s future has already been decided by the quality of education they get. The quality of education they get has already been decided by the schools they go to. The schools they go to has already been decided by the house you live in. The house you live in has already been decided by the postal code attached to it. The postal code attached to your house basically is asking, “HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU MAKE?”

Most of the higher ranked schools have homes over 2 million dollars and most of the lower ranked schools have average household income less than $30,000. In a country of equality and fairness and equal education for all; how is this equal? How is this fair? It is open discrimination, segregation and suppression to ensure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. The sheer dic

hotomy of this unjust system is not even concealed and slaps us in our face every time the schools are given a ranking.

Welcome to the Canadian Education System!

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